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How the Houston TX Heat Effects Your Roof

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Houston's scorching weather can wreak havoc on your roof, leading to costly repairs. Roof Repair Solutions, a trusted local roofer, offers valuable tips on safeguarding your roof from the Texas heat. Learn about the damage caused by sunlight exposure and thermal shock, and discover the importance of regular maintenance to keep your roof in top condition.

Houston’s hot climate can take a serious toll on your roofing. The heat can cause damages that can significantly reduce the life of your roof, resulting in costly repairs and replacements.

As a locally owned 5-star rated roofer, Roof Repair Solutions cares about the well-being of your roof and is here to provide you with tips on how to protect it from the Texas heat.

Damage Caused by Heat

The intense heat combined with the high levels of humidity during Texas summers can cause damage in various forms, including:

  • Sunlight Exposure
  • Thermal Shock
  • Need for Regular Maintenance

Sunlight Exposure

The heat from the sun’s UV rays can cause severe damage to asphalt shingles over time. Prolonged exposure can cause them to fade or become brittle, leading to cracking and crumbling. Additionally, the sun’s heat will cause your roof to expand and contract which, over time, can lead to the breaking down of tar and sealant used in your roofing materials.

Thermal Shock

Another form of damage caused by Houston’s summer temperatures is thermal shock. This occurs when a sudden surge in temperature causes extreme expansion and contraction in the materials on your roof, leading them to become weakened and break down over time. This is especially apparent with clay tiles, as they are more prone to extreme temperature changes than other materials.

Need for Regular Maintenance

Finally, Houston’s hot climate requires regular maintenance of your roofing materials. Your roof should be inspected twice a year and maintained with sealants or protective coating as necessary to prevent heat-related damage from occurring. Additionally, keeping your gutters clean will allow for proper water drainage so that water does not pool or sit on top of your roof.

At Roof Repair Solutions we understand the importance of maintaining your roof in order to keep it safe and secure in Houston’s hot climate. We are committed to providing you with quality service and excellent results every time you call us for a job. If you need help protecting your roof from the Texas heat, don’t hesitate to call us at 713-202-0890.

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