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Roof Decking: What it is and How to Maintain it

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Understanding the importance of roof decking is crucial for homeowners to protect their homes from water damage. Roof Repair Solutions, a trusted and highly-rated roofer in Houston, provides a concise guide on what roof decking is and how to maintain it. Learn about the structural layer between your shingles and support beams, discover tips for maintenance, and ensure your roof's foundation remains strong and reliable.

Roof decking is an important part of your home’s roof. In order to maintain it, you must understand what it is and why it’s important. Learn here!

For most homeowners, roof decking is a somewhat unfamiliar concept. But understanding your roof’s structure is essential to making sure it’s doing its job of protecting your home. That’s why Roof Repair Solutions – the 5-star rated and locally owned roofer serving Houston TX – has put together this quick guide on what roof decking is and how to maintain it.

What is Roof Decking?

The term “roof deck” refers to the structural layer of material between your shingles or tiles and the support beams of your building. It’s an important part of any roof, acting as a strong foundation to which shingles can attach and do their job of protecting your home from water damage.

Roof decking can be made from a variety of materials including wood, plywood, and composite boards. The most common material used today is oriented strand board (OSB). This material is made up of layers of pressed wood chips that are held together with waxes and resins. OSB is easy to source, cost-effective, and provides excellent protection against water damage.

How to Maintain Your Roof Decking

Since roof decking plays such an important role in protecting your home from water damage, it’s important to keep it in good condition. Here are some tips from Roof Repair Solutions for maintaining your roof decking:

  • Check for leaks or signs of moisture.
  • Make sure none of the boards have become loose.
  • Remove any debris like leaves or branches that may have fallen onto the roof.
  • Replace any rotting boards – if boards become soft or start to crumble, they need to be replaced quickly.

As part of regular roof maintenance, it’s important to check the condition of your roof decking at least once a year – especially after harsh weather events like strong winds or hail storms. If you think your roof might need some attention, don’t hesitate to give Roof Repair Solutions a call at 713-202-0890. Our experienced team will be happy to help!

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