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Plumbing Boot Removals & Replacements

$220* plumbing boot removals and replacements from Roof Repair Solutions!

*This price is for single-story, walkable shingle roofs only.

Your roof has multiple pipes mounted onto it, including some plumbing vents that aid in kitchen and bathroom ventilation. Each of these vents features what are known as vent boots and, if yours is damaged, rest assured that we will remove and replace it in order to protect your home.

What Is A Vent Boot?

A vent boot, also known as a vent cover, works similarly to flashing in the sense that its job is to keep water out of the vents and secure them in place to provide extra reinforcement and protection against damage from the elements and/or critters. 

If your plumbing vent boots have sustained damage, rest assured that our Houston roof repair experts can fix them in a timely manner.

What Causes Vent Boot/Cover Damage?

A number of factors may contribute to pipe boot damages, but some of the most common causes for this type of damage include:

Exposure To Extreme Weather

Houston is known for its extremely hot summers, and it’s not rare for our winters to occasionally reach temperatures that are colder than normal. In either case, these extreme temperatures are known to deteriorate the integrity of your plumbing boots. As a result, long-term exposure to scorching heat and bitter cold weaken the vent covers to the point where they crack or break entirely.

Movement In Your Roof As It Ages

Have you ever heard strange sounds in your home, especially as temperatures change? These crackling-like sounds occur due to the expansion and contraction of your roof, which becomes much more common as it ages. Roof shingles feature a layer of moisture that keeps them sturdy enough to protect the underlying structure from severe roof damage, but in the winter time, they become drier and more brittle, making them more prone to damage as years go by. After so many years, this expansion and contraction may result in your plumbing boots breaking apart, exposing the vents to excessive water damage. 

Roof Repair Solutions Is Prepared To Remove And Replace Your Plumbing Vent Boots

Because vent boots/covers play a significant role in keeping precipitation out and away from the vulnerable components of your roof, they must be removed and replaced in a timely manner once damage is discovered. We are fully prepared and willing to fix the damage and restore the integrity of your roof vents.

Roof Repair Solutions is your go-to source for specialty roofing upgrades and repairs in the Houston, TX area! 

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