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The Impact of Missing Kick-Out Flashing on Your Home

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Kick-out flashing plays a crucial role in preventing water damage when the roof meets a vertical wall. This blog post explores why kick-out flashing is essential and the impact it can have on maintaining a secure structure.

Kick-out flashing, positioned above the gutter where the roof intersects with a vertical wall, serves the purpose of diverting rainwater away from the wall. To illustrate its significance, we’ve provided three images depicting the installation process—before, during, and after.

Roof flashing, a metal material concealing vulnerable areas where the roof meets penetrations or walls, often becomes hidden once the roof covering is in place. Another set of three images showcases the installation of kick-out flashing on a stucco wall—before, during, and after.

Highlighting the regulatory aspect, kick-out flashing has been mandated by the International Residential Code (IRC) since 2009, emphasizing its importance in construction practices.

An alarming scenario is presented through an image, showcasing the result of rainwater seeping into walls over the years, often without the homeowner’s knowledge.

For those who have received inspection reports noting missing kick-out flashing and minor roof repairs, we offer assistance. One image featuring arrows pointing at missing kick-out flashing accompanies this section. Contact us for a quick and comprehensive quote.

Understanding the role of kick-out flashing is crucial in maintaining the integrity of a building and preventing potential water damage. Whether for new construction or addressing issues noted in inspection reports, ensuring the proper installation of kick-out flashing is a key step in safeguarding your property.

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