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Additional Roof Repairs from Roof Repair Solutions in Houston, TX

Every roof is different, which means our roof repairs must be specifically tailored to your type of roofing and to the damage that is causing your valid concern as a homeowner. Our additional roof repair services include:

Maintaining a Historic Slate Roof

Look up at your roof from the ground. If you see loose, cracked, or missing slate tiles, call Roof Repair Solutions. We are trained professionals who provide roof repairs, leak repair, and slate roof maintenance.

Historical slate requires gentle yet diligent care. Rest assured that if any shingles are cracked or missing, our Houston roof repair experts will replace the affected area and restore your roof’s integrity.

Replace HVAC & Water Heater Roof Jack And Collar

A professionally installed HVAC roof jack and storm collar makes all the difference in how well your HVAC performs and how long it lasts. When it ages and the time comes to replace these components, Roof Repair Solutions is available to remove and replace them.

Over time, aging and weather conditions may damage the water heater roof jack and collar. When this happens, not only is your water heater vent at risk, but so is the surrounding roofing, making the need for replacement imminent.

See the below and after:

Replace Hawk Vents

Protecting the interior of your roof is equally important as protecting the exterior. Our Houston roof repair company will replace damaged hawk air vents to keep your attic ventilated, safeguarding your roof from the inside out.

Repair Chimney Flashings

Chimney flashings protect your entire chimney from water intrusion, but because they serve as your chimney’s defense against the elements and critters, over time they become damaged and lose the ability to protect your chimney.

As a crucial component that protects your chimney from water damage, flashings need to be in top-notch condition. If we find your chimney flashing has been damaged, we will quickly fix it for you.

We custom/fabricate and install 24GA GALV chimney chase cover to fit your chimney.

Replace Broken Roof Tiles

Want to add years to the lifespan of your roof? Consider regular maintenance. We provide minor roof repairs, fix leaks, replace broken tiles, add new mortar, weather seal around flashings, exposed nails and roof vents.

Versatile enough to match any style home, broken and cracked concrete roof tiles need to be replaced in a timely manner. Our Houston roof repair company will be glad to do the job for you.

Spanish tile, though sturdy, is not immune to damage from the elements. If your roof is made up of spanish tile and some of the tiles break, we will be more than happy to replace them and reinforce your roof.

Replace broken Spanish tile, any tiles that break subsequent to curing are due to mishandling, improper installation, misuse, improper foot traffic or severe impact of force. Severe impacts of forces, such as a tree branch on a roof, can crack or break roof tiles.

Metal Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks are common in the Houston area, but rest assured that if you have a metal roof, we can successfully repair the leak and weatherize your roofing.

We use Hydrostop Premiumcoat System on metal roofs, provides a complete roof cover and leak free solution. This system is a roofing and waterproofing solution for coating, recover, reroof and new applications. It provides a fully-adhered, adhesively attached, breathable acrylic membrane and a complete roof cover.

Repair Z Flashing

Z flashings are used between runs of siding and sheer walls to prevent water intrusion which can cause water damaged as well as instigate mold growth.

Minor Fascia And Soffit Repairs

The fascia and soffit are critical architectural components that not only keep critters from damaging your roof, but also aid in ventilation. When these materials are damaged, we will restore and safeguard them.

Re-Paint PVC Pipe Vents

Sometimes, the state roofing code mandates that PVC pipes be painted. Our roofing experts will climb into your roof and follow the state’s guidelines so you don’t have to.

Install Turbine Vent

Turbine vents work wonders for keeping roofs and attics cool, especially in the Greater Houston area. We will expertly install a brand new turbine vent so your can feel comfortable at all times.

Secure Lifted Roof Shingles

Lifted shingles are a major cause of severe roof damage, as once they are lifted they begin to lift along with adjacent shingles. It’s important to get them fixed as soon as possible. In fact, shingle nail pops are one of the most common causes of roof leaks.

Temperature fluctuations, especially in our hot Texas weather, can eventually work nails out of wood. This perhaps is the most common reason for a nail pushing through shingles. We will repair them and secure your shingles to safeguard your roof against wind and rain damage.

Remove Skylight

Removing a skylight requires careful work so as to minimize damage to the surrounding roofing. Our attentive Houston roof repair experts will remove your skylight with ease and care.

Skylight leak repairs

Why do skylights start leaking?

Re-seal your skylight is not always the right solution. 

Understanding why skylights start leaking is crucial. Simply resealing your skylight may not always be the optimal solution. 

The most common culprits behind skylight leaks are poor installation, rusted or corroded flashing around the skylight, which can occur over time. In such cases, it is advisable to replace old flashing with new custom flashing.

If your skylight dome is cracked, a custom order for a new one may be necessary, turning the repair into a potentially costly project. Alternatively, you can opt to eliminate the skylight altogether and cover it back to match the existing roofs—an economical and quicker solution.

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At Roof Repair Solutions, we believe in transparency –  that’s why we have our pricing easily accessible online! We won’t put you through a lengthy sales pitch in order to get the repairs your roof needs.


Often, only certain areas of your roof have been subjected to roof damage, so we will take the time to match your new shingles to your existing shingles for flawless repair of your roof’s bald patches.

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Deciding to remove your satellite dish is a big decision because, if done incorrectly, this can damage your roof and expose it to severe damage. Call our pros to help!

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When your roof has sustained extensive storm damage over the years, we can renew your roof’s structural integrity with brand new decking.
incorrectly, this can damage your roof and expose it to severe damage. Call our pros to help!

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Our roof tune-up services give us the opportunity to weather-seal the most vulnerable areas on your roof so we can make certain that it’s sturdy enough to withstand Houston’s weather.

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Plumbing boots are pipe boots that are designed to waterproof your plumbing vent pipes. When they become damaged, we are here to help repair them in order to prevent leakage.

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Solar-powered attic fans are the ideal roofing solution to keeping your attic and other upstairs rooms cool in Houston’s summer heat while also keeping precipitation out.

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Are you tired of dealing with cracked plastic dryer vents? It’s time to upgrade to a more durable and reliable solution.

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